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Of all the observations about yoga, it is a highly personal experience and the
true meaning you will find within yourself, what feels right and natural for YOU.

Yoga is a unique system of physical, mental and spiritual self - improvements that people have been using for thousands of years. It has been traced back to the Bhagavad Gita, part of the ancient Hindu philosophy. It is not a religion, just a way of balancing life by uniting body, mind and spirit through the use of postures, movement, breath and breath meditation. Yoga exercises and breathing techniques performed correctly and consistently will relax the body as well as the mind and create vitality, flexibility, well being, a positive nature and provide firm muscles, healthy skin, good posture and coordination. It is geared to ones own pace, health and activity - whether you weight train daily, or haven't exercised in years Yoga is for EVERY body!

The Reno Yoga Center provides a safe, comfortable and sacred place to learn and practice yoga from experienced, certified instructors to encourage natural good health, fitness and self enlightenment at your own pace. Free yoga classes are offered periodically, be sure to check special events for special guests, continuing education and special workshops.

From beginning to advanced students, toddlers to seniors, the whole family to the Special Child...all are welcome. Experience the amazing benefits of YOGA!

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A practical and inspirational site for anyone who wants to promote harmony and well-being in their life with yoga. Find the A2Z of Yoga over here.

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